Advantages over

Custom indicator creation: Trade-Ideas provides only preset trade indicators; you cannot create your own and must work within the constraints of their presets. Investigator allows you to easily create custom indicators with helpful function dialog boxes.

Bar Patterns: Interested in defining or testing trade ideas using bar patterns? Investigator supports an unlimited amount of bar, Candlestick, and Point-and-Figure patterns. Trade-Ideas has no capacity for bar pattern definition.

Exit Conditions: In contrast to Trades-Ideas six preset exit conditions, Investigator supports unlimited, completely configurable exit criteria.

Financial Instruments: Investigator supports any instrument for which data is available – stocks, bonds, futures, etc. Trade-Ideas only test stocks. (Investigator is also one of the few investment programs that allows you to test against multiple futures files, which is the only was to get statistically meaningless results.)

Time frame: Investigator allows you the flexibility to test on intra-day, daily, weekly, and monthly time frames. Trade-Ideas supports only intraday data. For example, if you want to evaluate end-of-day quotes to screen for next day ideas, Investigator allows any time parameter to be used in testing. With Trade-Ideas, you have just two choices: make an educated guess, or use another third party software package.

Statistical Results: Investigator provides the user with high confident in historical testing; our results can back test all available data. limits you to at most the last 30 trading days (or less if one or more of these days happen to be a holiday).

Trade Results: Investigator takes into account frictional costs like slippage and commissions. The result is trading systems that can beat a real market, not a fictional "paper trade" market.Trade-Ideas bases profit on only entry and exit price, thus risking impossible-to-attain trade results.

Program Design: Trade-Ideas software is similar to a web-based, miniature version of Investigator. It has perhaps 5% of Investigator's robust feature set, and a User Interface that "borrows" most of Investigator's features. At Pinpoint Strategies, we don't copy, we create.