Business Opportunity

In recent years, data providers and brokers have acquired or built technical analysis programs to form one cohesive package. Data vendors and brokers without a technical analysis program are at a severe disadvantage. We are offering the opportunity to purchase a complete and working technical analysis program with a decade of deployed users which not only matches the competition but is superior to the competition.

Target Audience

Any individual who invests in the stock market using technical analysis. The program is easy enough for entry users to use the intuitive graphical interface to create trading systems within minutes but offers advanced users a large selection of customized tools.

Product Overview

Investigator is a technical analysis program that currently allows users to visually create trading systems for historical or end-of-day testing usually with ten keystrokes or less. An intraday version was successfully alpha tested using both the Signal desktop box and the data feeds. The program comes with a demo disk and extensive help files.

Key features are:

parameters, making function memorization a thing of the past

which shows which items are moving up or down the Relative Strength list rapidly during any user-defined time period

Product Specifications

The file size of Investigator is very small and one can easily download it over the Internet for purchase or include it on a CD-ROM. In addition, an interactive demonstration of the product is already built that can be used for marketing and support purposes.


Competing products to Investigator are PC-based programs such as AIQ, Metastock, Omnitrade and TradeStation, or internet based programs such as (Click here for comparison with Investigator has most, if not all, of the features of the PC-based competition such as MetaStock and TradeStation. The five main competitive advantages that are unique to Investigator are:

copying and pasting or typing, both of which are error-prone).

files to be included in testing, providing the end user with invalid results.

change stops and when to exit trades, unlike the competition which only tells users when to enter trades.

These five key features make Investigator by far the easiest and most reliable program to use in the marketplace. This product expands the audience that wants to use technical analysis but did not previously use existing products in the marketplace because one had to learn programming languages to create systems.

History of Product

Investigator was launched in 1997 and has gained great reviews and a strong following by both its customers and by the industry. Though the creator of Investigator has continued to build the customer base through light advertising and word-of-mouth, he believes that marrying Investigator with a broker with more significant market awareness will enable Investigator to achieve its true market share potential. The creator is thus looking to sell the full intellectual property and business rights of Investigator to an established company that has the existing marketing, physical distribution, and customer base that would enable Investigator to achieve its potential. The creator would entertain a long-term relationship with the acquirer of Investigator.

About the Creator

Jeff Mills graduated from Pomona College with a bachelor’s degree in Economics in 1985. His first job at Ford Aerospace involved mathematically proving the correctness of programs (with a Secret security clearance). He later worked at Tandem Computers, the Santa Cruz Operation, and finally at Adobe Systems, where he was the sole support engineer for IBM and the sole technical trainer of the PostScript and Display PostScript programming languages. In 1993, he left Adobe to focus on the creation of Investigator.

He’s been trading stocks and options since 1987.